Website/CMS Platform

In the Workplace by Thulo.Com, the Website/CMS (Content Management System) category encompasses features and tools that enable users to create, manage, and customize their online presence. Here are key components that fall under the Website/CMS category

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Website / CMS Platform

Features of Website/CMS Platform

Page Management

Tools for creating and organizing website pages, allowing users to structure their content effectively.

Blog Module

Blog Module A dedicated module for managing and publishing blog content, including articles, news, and updates.

Gallery Plugin

Gallery Plugin Features for creating and managing image galleries to showcase visual content.

Portfolio Plugin

Tools for presenting a collection of work, projects, or achievements in a visually appealing manner.

Knowledgebase Plugin

A module designed to create and organize a knowledge base with categorized articles for user reference.

Video Gallery Plugin

Features to manage and display video content in an organized gallery format.

Theme Management

Options to customize and switch between different website themes or templates.

Appearance Settings

Tools for adjusting the visual elements, layout, and overall design of the website.

General Settings

Configurable settings for controlling various aspects of the website, such as site title, logo, and metadata.

SEO Settings

Features to optimize the website for search engines, including meta tags, descriptions, and SEO-friendly URLs.


A central hub providing an overview of website statistics, performance, and key metrics.

Contact Us Page

A dedicated page with contact information, a contact form, and maps for physical locations.

FAQs and Support

Tools for creating and managing frequently asked questions (FAQs) and support documentation.

Landing Pages

Customizable pages designed for specific marketing campaigns with options for A/B testing.

Social Media Integration

Features to integrate social media feeds, share buttons, and connect with the website's social media accounts.